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We highly recommend entering a maximum amount of $2000 (to help ensure approval/acceptance).
Attention! By asking for higher amounts the chances of getting approved are significantly lower. We recommend asking for $500-$2000.
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How does it work?

You provide us with the basic details of how much you’d like to borrow and we’ll find you a lender with a loan that can work for you. We cooperate with a network of personal finance specialists working across the United States competing to give people the best rates.

Tell us what you need!

Fill out our online form and tell us what you need. It’s completely free!

Get Connected with a Lender

Once you’ve submitted your details, you’ll receive offers based on your request, if available. Our aim is to connect you with lenders with rates that can work for you.

Get your Cash

Once we’ve connected you with a lender, all you have to do is complete the additional documents they need and get your funds sent to your bank account.

Our Promise

We’re here to help you get the financing you need. Why spend hours searching through hundreds of lenders when we’ll do it for you in seconds?

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Easy Financing on the Go

Financing When You Need It

You never know when you’re going to need financing, so it’s good to know it’s always there when it really matters. With our service, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can get fair financing to help you and your loved ones.

Whether you have an emergency, need to do some work on the house or just want to take a vacation, a personal loan is a safe and secure way to get you where you need to be.

During uncertain economic times many people can find themselves faced with a situation where they could use some financial assistance.

Nationwide Network of Lenders

Here at Mana Loans, we don’t charge you any fees and there is no obligation to agree to the loan terms you’re presented with.

The APR on loans from our network of lenders varies, however, many providers offer rates from 5.99% to 35.99% with average loan durations between 90 days and 72 months.

APR will depend on the loan amount you request, as well as your credit score, usage, and history. If you are successfully offered a loan, you will be able to review the lender’s offer before accepting the loan agreement.

Fairer Financing Without Confusion

We understand that finding a loan that suits you can sometimes be confusing, especially when there are a lot of options to choose from.

That’s why we made this site. Our aim is to make the process of finding the right personal loan as quick and easy as possible. We want to take the stress out of financing so that you can get the money you need when you need it, without having to worry.


Personal loans are usually between $1,000 to $15,000. The specific loan amount that can be borrowed will depend on an individual’s credit score. Individual state loan laws and regulations will also affect borrowing amounts.

Personal loans are sometimes called signature loans. This is because they only require your signature to accept the offer, rather than needing additional collateral. Personal loans are a quick and convenient way to borrow money when you need it. Personal loans can be requested online and loan repayments are taken directly from your bank account on set dates.

Here at Mana Loans, we are not direct lenders. Instead, we work with a nationwide network of lenders. Our lenders typically offer three different types of personal loans: peer-to-peer loans, personal installment loans, and bank personal loans.

To be eligible for a personal loan from one of our lenders you must have:

  • a valid ID
  • a regular income
  • a checking account
  • a good credit score

You don’t need to have perfect credit to get approved for a loan, however, higher income and credit scores will stand a better chance of being approved by a lender.

Mana Loans and/or the lenders that we work with may do a “soft” or “hard” pull on your credit score to determine eligibility. Typically only a “soft” pull is done initially and then a “hard” pull may be done later on in the loan process by a lender. It is possible that multiple credit pulls will be done by our lenders. We also abide by the FCRA.

Laws and regulations on Personal Loans vary state by state.

Due to legal requirements, we currently only work with US lenders and residents.

Through Mana Loans, you can request loans between $500 and $15,000. However, the amount you are eligible for will depend on several factors which are determined by the lenders in our network.

Unfortunately, because we work with a lot of different lenders, it is impossible to give an exact APR. However, the average among our lenders is 5.99% to 35.99%.

The first step to getting a loan through our site is filling out our loan request form. In the form you will tell us how much you would like to borrow, your current credit score, your monthly income and your reasons for wanting the loan.

Once you have sent the loan request form, you will need to provide some contact information and bank account details so that our lenders can determine your eligibility. Once you have submitted your request, it will be sent to our network of lenders.

If you are successfully approved for a personal loan, a loan agreement will be forwarded to you. In the agreement the lender will outline their terms and conditions along with your repayment amount. You should review these terms and conditions thoroughly before signing the agreement. You are under no obligation to sign the loan agreement.

The funds will be deposited directly into your bank account shortly after signing the loan agreement. The amount of time taken for the funds to become available will depend on the time at which the loan was approved and your bank’s policies.

Loan requests may be approved within just a few minutes. If you’ve been approved by one of our lenders, reviewed their policies, and signed the loan agreement, then your funds should be available as soon as the next business day. However, the amount of time taken for the funds to become available will depend on the time at which the loan was approved and your bank’s policies.

Unfortunately we are only able to process loan requests using our online form.

Loan repayment is a simple process. All of our lenders accept payments through electronic fund transfer. If you already pay your bills online then this should be familiar to you. Payments will be withdrawn from your account automatically each month, on the due date which is outlined in your loan agreement.

The majority of payment plans are monthly or fortnightly, however, there may be other payment options available. If you would like to request a different payment plan, please contact your lender directly.

If you are late on a payment or think that you will be unable to make a future payment, please contact your lender directly to discuss the options available.

If you don’t think you will be able to make a payment then please contact your lender immediately. All of our lenders have customer support teams who may be able to offer you a later due date.

If you have missed a payment, then contact your lender directly. They are there to help you and you may be able to alter your payment arrangements so that they are better suited to your budget.

Mana Loans is not a direct lender. We connect people who are looking for personal loans with a network of nationwide lenders. We have developed our online loan request form to help make it easier for you to find lenders that will work with you. We do not charge any fees for using our service.